All that you can expect from my Blog in the future.

What can you expect from this Blog? 

Since you are reading this. I would say you come here in search of Value. Well, that is all I want to provide in this Blog.

In my years of working with various technologies, I have acquired a good amount of knowledge relatable to WordPress, Mautic, Email Marketing, Other Security tools like Qualys, Nexpose, Bigfix, and General System Administration with Windows and Linux.

I know it’s a lot of Softwares I am talking about. I want you to excel in any one of them and will try to produce content that is very focused and in-depth on each of the technologies I mentioned above. It will surely take time but in the end, what would matter is you benefit from my blog and writings.

I have a lot of experience in Technical Writing as I write a lot of Knowledge base articles for the company I work for.

I will try my best to keep my approach simple and easy so you learn and grasp the content easily. I am very open to any feedback and suggestions and will honor them if it matches a broader audience.

Looking forward to having you on my journey to help Technology made Simple and be an active part of it. 

What I want you to do?

I would request you to comment, like, and share my posts. I am sure it will bring value to anyone you share if it has brought value to you. I am also open to collaborating if it’s needed to write down certain topics on which I am not too knowledgeable. You can drop in a message or a comment on my post to let me know if I would need to improve on certain areas of my writing to make it easier for you to understand.

Social Media and Me: 

I am very active on Social media like Facebook and LinkedIn and you can always add me as your friend. I am not an organization but an actual person trying to communicate to you with the help of this Blog. So feel free to engage with me. Let’s bring more value to the world at no cost.

Technological Topics:

I usually would like to cover WordPress, Mautic, VPS (Servers and Management) here as I am more comfortable writing about them and use them on a day to day basis. If you feel certain topics are not beginner-friendly, feel free to comment and let me know or contact me. So that I can bring up another tutorial to guide you with the basics.

Interview Related Topics: 

I occasionally write certain posts related to Interviews for my fresher buddies who are actively looking for a job. So I want you all to be encouraging and not use any harsh words on the comment as it can demotivate them. However, Suggestions are always welcome. I am not an HR or Recruiter with any company but I feel I have had appeared for enough Interviews to provide examples of answers and types of questions that an HR could actually ask you. 🙂


I certainly will promote or review products that I have tested and seen it work. I am strictly against promoting something which I haven’t tried really because that defies the whole point of my writing or teaching you something which is not tested.


Well, that’s pretty much most of it. I am trying hard to reach your expectations but at any point in time- if you feel, Something was not worth it. Feel free to drop me a message below with suggestions and feedbacks. I will surely work on myself and get things right.

Love: Biswajit.

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