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Postal Setup 2021 Guide. (RabbitMQ and ERLANG issues fixed)

What is Postal? Postal now uses Docker and is on Version 2.0. Please install Postal using updated information on link below. Thanks for visiting, many of my peers told that Postal can no longer be installed in one go like earlier where we only needed a script from postal and rest was just a […]

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Mautic on Shared hosting – Complete setup guide 2021

Mautic on Shared Hosting – It’s a bad idea. Hey, Since, you are on my article, I assume you might already have planned to install Mautic on a Shared Host. Well Just to let you know- It is really a bad idea. But there can be situations where you need to be working on a […]

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Install Mautic 3.2.X on your VPS – Easiest Setup Ever!

Hello All, This is a rewrite of what I wrote before on my previous blog website. Just a quick intro about Mautic- If you don’t know it yet. Mautic is an open-source complete Automation package developed by the community. DB Hurley was the founder member of the Mautic Team and since then Mautic is […]

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