A small Introduction to this writing.

Introduction to who I am!

Hello Everyone, I am Biswajit Pradhan a security consultant by profession. I have been working for quite a few multi-national companies by now and deal with a lot of Softwares and technologies when it comes to my professional life. Apart from my professional job- I am a developer mostly shifted to technology like WordPress because of its ease of use and easy setup.

What technologies do I work on?

As a security consultant – I mostly work on Qualys, Nexpose, and HCL Bigfix platforms. But coming to development career  – I use Genesis and GeneratePress as my barebone theme and code from there. I have been a fan of WordPress for the last six to seven years and have seen it evolve. Other than WordPress – I am a Linux Administrator who loves to work with Servers on Apache2, Nginx MySQL, MariaDB, and Caching mechanisms Redis and Memcached.

I love building and destroying servers every day and learning something new. I will be covering a few topics like Setting up Postal – Your own SMTP Server and Mautic – Complete Email and SMS automation software in my upcoming posts. I have worked on almost all the major cloud providers like AWS, Linode, Vultr, and Digital Ocean.  I prefer cloud over any other hosting due to the control capability it offers which is not present in any shared hosting platform. Also from a security standpoint – VPS or Cloud hosting is a lot more secure compared to any other shared hosting provider out there.

You can read my getting started guide to know how you can host your website just like me on any Cloud you want to.

Alright So now coming down to questions you might have.

Why am I Blogging and why now? isn’t it late already?

I started this Blog to bring out tips and tricks from my profession and personal experiences and share them with the world. I believe in a simple funda- Technology can be made simpler and here is what I am trying to do.

I will try my best to depict all information related to technologies like Mautic- Open Source Automation Software, Hosting- Best Website hosting plans, Linux as an operating system and its benefits in today’s digital world, and a lot of Deals which are tried and tested and their honest reviews.

I don’t believe it’s already late because there is no end of life for knowledge.

How Can you Get Involved?

I would appreciate your comment on any blogs that find your interest. I would also love to accept your posts on my blog and provide full credits to you if you are doing something similar to what I am doing.

What am I looking forward to from this piece of writing?

This Blog is just my personal space and my life to date. I would extend my warm welcome to be a part of my family and I want to connect to each one of you out there and build a strong relationship with you. If you need my help at any point in time- There are various ways we can connect with each other and help each other out. I am almost present on every social media out there like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc so feel free to put in a direct message or a comment and I would love to connect with you.

What else do I do?

Apart from working as a Security Consultant in the Global Banking Technology Office, I author a few other blogs and news websites which I maintain regularly and you can visit them here:  and

I provide freelance services on a few platforms and you can contact me there if you need my services.


End of the Day, I want you to know that I am with you in this journey and will help you if you come across any issues related to the technologies I work in and have experience in.

Feel free to email me at hello @ Biswajit (dot) net if you wish to put in a feedback, suggestion, or just drop a hi. Let’s connect.


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