$700 cybercrime software turns Raspberry Pi into an evasive fraud tool

Raspberry Pi

Cybercriminals are selling custom Raspberry Pi software called ‘GEOBOX’ on Telegram, which allows inexperienced hackers to convert the mini-computers into anonymous cyberattack tools.

GEOBOX is sold on Telegram channels for a subscription of $80 per month or $700 for a lifetime license, payable in cryptocurrency.

Analysts at Resecurity discovered the tool during an investigation into a high-profile banking theft impacting a Fortune 100 company.

“This discovery led to the acquisition of GEOBOX for more in-depth analysis. The malicious individuals utilized several GEOBOX devices, each connected to the Internet and strategically placed in various remote locations,” explained Resecurity.

“These devices served as proxies, significantly enhancing their anonymity. This approach complicated the investigation and tracking process, especially since, by default, GEOBOX devices do not store any logs.”

The researchers acquired the GEOBOX software for analysis and warned in a report today that it is a highly capable tool that can complicate law enforcement tracking and investigation.

GEOBOX sold on Telegram
GEOBOX sold on Telegram
Source: Resecurity

GEOBOX capabilities

The Raspberry Pi is an inexpensive yet capable system that can be bought for as little as $35, making it an excellent disposable tool for cyberattacks.

The device is extremely small and light, making it highly portable. This allows cybercriminals to move around in different locations with ease, connect to various internet access points, and obscure their tracks.

The small dimensions also make it easy to conceal, ideal in attack scenarios requiring proximity to the target without raising suspicion.

The GEOBOX Raspberry Pi software discovered by Resecurity acts as a cybercrime application suite focuses on fraud and anonymization, making it a potent tool for illicit online activities.

GEOBOX's logs tab
GEOBOX’s logs tab
Source: Resecurity

Resecurity lists the following main capabilities:

  • GPS spoofing even on devices without a receiver, allowing users to fake their geographic location and bypass location-based security or engage in location-specific fraud.
  • Emulates specific network settings and Wi-Fi access points to disguise illicit activities as legitimate network traffic.
  • Anti-fraud circumvention to support activities like financial fraud and identity theft.
  • Routing traffic through anonymizing proxies to obfuscate the threat actor’s location.
  • WebRTC IP masking and Wi-Fi MAC Address masquerading to hide the user’s real IP address and mimic Wi-Fi network identifiers, complicating digital footprint tracking.
  • Extensive support for VPN protocols, including DNS configurations for specific locations to prevent data leaks.
  • Support for LTE modems for mobile internet connectivity, adding another layer of anonymity.

The most enticing part is that the above tools are packaged in a user-friendly environment that is easy to use even by low-skilled threat actors, who are given clear and detailed instructions in the accompanying user manual.

Spoofing options
Spoofing options
Source: Resecurity

Resecurity believes that GEOBOX can enable a broad spectrum of cybercrimes, primarily helping users remain anonymous and hard to trace.

Examples include cyberattack coordination, darknet market operation or access, financial fraud, credential stuffing, malware distribution, and disinformation campaigns.

Although GEOBOX doesn’t introduce any functionality that is not already available in standalone tools or specialized Linux distros, like Kali Linux, its comprehensive and user-friendly suite makes it ideal for users looking to swiftly deploy new, disposable hacking devices.

Furthermore, its accessibility and ease of use make it particularly attractive to novice or low-skilled cybercriminals venturing into the space for the first time.

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