Windows 11 22H2 Home and Pro get preview updates until June 26

Windows 11

Microsoft reminded customers today that the Windows 11 22H2 Home and Pro editions will continue to receive non-security preview updates until June 26.

These optional updates are released every fourth week of the month, giving users the opportunity to test fixes and improvements before they are released to all customers with the next month’s Patch Tuesday.

According to the new schedule, the preview updates for Windows 11 22H2 will keep rolling out for Home and Pro users until late June.

Redmond says that this date has been changed from February 27 based on user feedback to enable more users to take advantage of the company’s continuous innovation approach to Windows updates, which involves releasing new features and enhancements more frequently.

“Home, Pro, Pro Education, and Pro for Workstations editions of Windows 11, version 22H2 will receive non-security preview updates until June 26, 2024,” Microsoft said.

“Previously, we communicated that the last optional non-security preview update for version 22H2 would be released on February 27, 2024. Based on user feedback, this date has been changed so more customers can take advantage of our continuous innovation quickly.”

End of servicing in October 2024

The company added that there are no changes to Windows 11 22H2 end-of-servicing dates, with Home and Pro editions set to reach the end of support on October 8, 2024, and Enterprise and Education on October 14, 2025, according to Microsoft’s Modern Lifecycle Policy.

On February 20, Microsoft started force installing Windows 11 23H2, the latest Windows version, on eligible systems that have reached or are very close to their end-of-service date.

The forced rollout comes after Windows 11 21H2 systems running multiple editions of Windows were automatically updated to Windows 11 22H2 before reaching the end of support in October 2023.

Windows 11, version 23H2 (aka the Windows 11 2023 Update) was released on October 31, one month after it rolled out to enterprise devices enrolled in the Release Preview Insider Channel.

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